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ProPette REACH Long-Neck Pipette Controller with QuickStand 115V


ProPette REACH™ brings a new level of user comfort to pipetting with serological pipettes. Its extended neck does
all the reaching while the user’s elbow rests on the benchtop or hood surface. ProPette REACH™ eliminates the
discomfort and fatigue normally associated with aspirating and dispensing under a hood. It dramatically reduces
the amount of arm lift required to aspirate and dispense in bottles, flasks and dishes. This takes pressure off of the
shoulder, elbow and wrist while minimizing the risk of repetitive strain injuries. ProPette REACH™ also includes the
patented QuickStand™, which defaults to a neutral and out-of-the-way position, but can be folded back to support
the pipette at an ideal angle, acting as a virtual “pause button” during research.

• Extended neck for ergonomics
• Perfect for use under the hood
• allows user to rest elbow on bench
• QuickStand™ Retractable Kickstand
• 8-hour rechargeable battery life
• Pressure-sensitive speed control

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