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ProPette Electronic Pipette Controller with 4 Filters (P6080-FI), Includes Battery, Charger and Wall Hanger.


ProPette™ Electronic Controllers are lightweight (only 6.3oz/170g) and designed to fit comfortably
in either the right or left hand. The natural feel of the ergonomic body design, the computer balanced
 weight distribution and the low-pressure fingertip control buttons…all combine to provide a more
comfortable pipetting experience, and now the ProPette controller includes the patent-pending
Quickstand™ retractable stand. Which allows the instrument to be set down on the bench without risk
of contamination.

• With QuickStand™ retractable stand
• Variable speed control
• Cordless and rechargeable
• 8 hours of continuous operation
• For pipettes from 1mL to 100mL

ProPette™ Manual Pipette Controller is the precise and easy to use manual pipette controller that is
always ready to use. After attaching a pipette, one squeeze of its large rubber filling bulb is all it takes
to start pipetting – there are no wires, no tubing and no battery to recharge! Begin aspirating by
touching the EZ-Flow™ lever which is designed to precisely control the filling speed, based on how
gently or firmly you press the lever. A built-in replaceable filter ensures optimum rate and protects the
controller from liquid penetration and over-fill. A separate button provides a positive blow-out function
when required.

•For glass or plastic pipettes
• Accommodates pipettes up to 100mL
• Easy, single lever control
• Autoclavable lower body
• Fingertip speed control

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