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Diamond™ Optical White Glass Microscope Slides'
So clear that you see the sample not the slide!'

Diamond™ White Glass plain microscope slides are available with 90º or clipped corners. The slides are pre-cleaned and ready to use. • Produced from the finest quality optical white glass • Packed in high-quality white plastic boxes • Dimensions: 25 x 75mm • Thickness: 1mm • Packaging: 72/plastic box, 20 boxes/case (10/gross)
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Pefecta 3D™ Hanging Drop Plate '
Pefecta 3D™ Hanging Drop Plate '
    Perfecta3D™ Hanging Drop Plate is a high-throughput and versatile three-dimensional (3D) cell culture device that simplifies and streamlines spheroid formation, culture, and subsequent testing of the obtained 3D cellular constructs.

    Unlock the potential of 3D spheroid cultures and assays. Now hanging drop cultures are hassle-free as you carry out spheroid growth and analysis on the same plate!
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Autofil™ Laboratory Filtration System'
Ergonomic bottle shape, molded finger grips and patented bottle cap '
    Autofil™ Laboratory Filtration System

    The Autofil™ laboratory filtration system is a disposable, sterile, vacuum operated system used for the preparation of buffers, tissue culture media, microbiological media and other biological fluids.

    Autofil™ is available either as a complete system or as a bottle top filter. Both options have an upper filter funnel with a dust cap that contains a 0.22um (sterilization grade) or 0.45um (clarification grade) asymmetric PES membrane filter. Membrane is low protein binding and surfactant free. The complete system includes a SECUREgrasp™ bottle attached to the filter.

  • Quick-Connect™ pedestal base or cradle ring allows for hands free filtration
  • Forward-facing, large raised graduation marks for easy reading
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