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Internal Threaded Cryogenic Vial with Silicone Washer Cap, Natural, Sterile, Self Standing, 1.2mL, 100 per Bag.


BioDot Cryogenic Vials and Cap Inserts

  • Certified RNase, DNase, Pyrogen and DNA Free 
  • Storing at temperatures as low as -196°C but use only in the gas phase of liquid nitrogen 
  • Caps and tubes are made of polypropylene material 
  • Silicone seal fitted inside of cap ensures positive seal at any temperature 
  • Cap inserts are available in many different colors 
  • Super fast 1 1/4 turn thread design 
  • Thick wall makes vial almost unbreakable 
  • Large white marking area 
  • Excellent clarity makes sample easy to see 
  • Externally threaded round bottom vials can be centrifuged to 17,000g 
  • Internally threaded round bottom vials can be centrifuged to 14,000g 
  • Many sizes available as self-standing with universal locking base

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