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nUVaClean UV Pipette Carousel with Germicidal UV-C Lamp and Reflector System Destroys 99%
of Stray DNA, Eliminates Cross-Contamination, holds up to 6 Universal Pipettes, 6 1/2 Inch Compact
Footprint, 120V


nUVaClean™ UV Pipette Carousel

    nUVaClean™ is the first and only pipette rack that not only organizes and protects six pipettes, but also destroys
up to 99% of unwanted contamination. The new nUVaClean™ uses a germicidal UV-C mercury vapor lamp. A high-
efficiency reflector/concentrator completely bathes pipette shafts in 254nm UV light. This exposure destroys unwanted
microbiological contaminants and prevents cross-contamination in PCR and other sensitive procedures.

    Just place single-channel pipettes of any range or brand in the nUVaClean™ and press the “start” button to begin the
auto-decon cycle. After 28 minutes the nUVaClean will power down automatically, delivering up to 6 pipettes that are safe,
clean and ready for use.

 UV-C Lamp and reflector system destroys 99% of DNA
 Eliminates cross-contamination
• 360° UV Exposure
• Fits virtually any pipette
• Compact 6.5in. (17cm) footprint
• Made in the USA

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