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Intelli-Mixer™ (Small) RM-2S includes Mixing Rack, Rotation Speed 1 to 99 RPM, Environmental Temperature Range 4 to 50°C, Power Supply Adaptor DC in 12V, 1000 mA


    Intell-Mixer™ RM-2L

    • 18 Present Programs for mixing
    • Two Variable vortexing frequencies
    • Three Custom programs that users can design and save in a flash memory
    • Three Optional rack lengths
    • Standby mode for power saving
    • Two Specially designed blotting modes for Western Blot Protocol. Patented guaranteed efficiency!

      Rack Capacity for Test Tubes

    • 28 8-11mm tubes
    • 24 13mm tubes
    • 14 16mm Tubes
    • 8 30mm tubes

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