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Enduro GDS II Imaging System, Includes: 3.2mp Camera, Pre-Focused Lens, Orange Filter, 365nm UV Transilluminator, Enduro GDS II Image Capture Software, 12 x 15 inches (31 x 38 cm)


  • Enduro™ GDS II Gel Documentation System
    Enduro GDS II is the next generation Gel Documentation System from Labnet. The GDS II comes
    in either a 302nm or a 365nm version and runs on a Windows based PC (not included). The GDST
    II comes in either a 302nm or 365nm wavelength version with 470nm epi-blue lights for use with
    “Safe” Dyes that eliminate need for ethidium bromide. Both versions now come with a storage
    location on its top to help maximize bench space and provide a place for accessories so you know
    where to look.

  • UV transilluminator good for 30,000 hours.
  •  ROI (Region of Interest) feature allows auto-exposure to band of your
    choice. Simply draw box around band and select auto-expose and you will
    have optimized for gel band of choice. No more manual manipulations to
    gain best exposure.
  •  3.2MP image resolution saving as jpeg or 16 bit tiff files
  •  2 year warranty

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