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Accuris qMax Probe qPCR Master Mix, No Rox, 100 Reactions (20ul Volume)


Optimized for use with TaqMan™, Scorpions® and molecular beacon probes, Accuris Probe qPCR Mix is a ready-to-use formulation for real time quantitative assays. Accuris Probe utilizes Accuris Hot Start Taq Polymerase for robust PCR with a variety of templates. A specially formulated buffer provides optimal conditions for both superior polymerase function and probe detection, resulting in earlier Ct values and a broad detection range. Complicated, multiplex reactions can be performed without any loss in performance or decrease in detection. The 2X mix requires little, if any optimization and can be used with both fast and standard protocols.
Accuris Probe qPCR Mix can be used to detect any DNA template, including genomic DNA and cDNA. Available in high, low and no ROX formulations, Accuris Probe is compatible with most qPCR instruments. To check compatibility with a specific instrument, ask a Dot Scientific representative.

  • Same high efficiency for multiplex and single plex reactions
  • Includes Accuris Hot Start Taq Polymerase for greater specificity and accuracy
  • Compatible with popular hydrolysis and beacon probes
  • Early Ct values and detection across a broad dynamic range
  • Ready to use 2X Master Mix

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