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BeadBath Duo 2L with lift-off lid, 115v, works with both beads and water, 115V, 80C Max Temp with water, 70C with beads, Quik-Cal calibration


BeadBath Duo - The only baths designed for beads or water!

The BeadBath Duo series is the first line of laboratory baths designed for precision temperature control when used with water, or with the increasingly popular Lab Armor® thermal beads. Use the "MODE" button to toggle between "Bead" or "Water'' mode. Choosing the correct setting will regulate the internal heating system, automatically adjusting the operation and balance of the multiple internal heating elements to ensure optimal performance. While the majority of research laboratories today are using water baths, many prefer the convenience of bead baths- the BeadBath Duo provides the best of both worlds!

Offers all of the advantages of a Bead Bath...

  • Eliminates frequent refills, runs constantly with no burn-out
  • Easy, accessory-free securing of tubes and bottles 
  • Allows angled incubations
  • Reduced risk of contamination
and the features of Benchmark's MyBath Water Baths.
  • Quik-Cal™, simple in-lab calibration function
  • Seamless stainless steel chamber
  • Superior temperature stability and uniformity

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