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96 Well Real-Time PCR Instrument with Touch Screen Interface, 6 Dye Channel Filters, USB Cable, Ethernet Cable, Sample Plate Kit
includes 5 96 Well Plates and Seals, Comes with Azure Cielo Manager Software.  1 Year Warranty


The Azure Cielo Real-Time PCR System offering innovative optics and technology for high-performance
real-time PCR:

  • Flexibility through innovation 
  • Sensitivity by design Engineered for faster run times 
  • Built for reproducibility
  • Simplicity through software
  • A 96 well Real Time-PCR Machine
  • Available with 3 or 6 sample channels
  • Achieve sub 25 minute run times for full plate protocols using FAST Kits
  • Unparalleled sample uniformity
  • Detect a single copy of a gene more frequently
Key features include:

• Data analysis modes for qPCR with dye/SYBR, quantitative PCR with probe, allele discrimination with probe, comparative quantitation
• Intuitive plate map design allows users to assign well ID as standards, unknowns, calibrators, negative controls, NTC, etc.
• Easily set up and monitor thermal profiles including temperature, time and plate scan for each step
• View real-time qPCR graphs during an active experiment to monitor real-time reactions
• Post-run summary and analysis with ability to view statistical data in the form of charts, curves and graphs
• View a complete and easily customizable report of the qPCR experiment that can be readily exported
• Easily copy/paste data or graphs into Paint, Microsoft Office or other supported applications as needed
• Export data to MS Office, PDF or in MIQE preferred RDML (1.0, 1.1, 1.2) formats

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