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DLAB MS-H-ProT Max 340°C LCD Hotplate Magnetic Stirrer with timer function, 1500rpm, Stainless steel work plate with ceramic coating, 20L capacity, 2 year warranty


DLAB MS-H-PRO T & MS-H340-S4 Details
• High-resolution LCD display shows actual temperature and speed
• Max temperature 340°C
• Max speed 1500 rpm
• 5" (134mm), round stainless-steel work plate with ceramic coating provides good chemical resistance
• External temperature control available with PT1000 temperature sensor; accuracy within 0.2°C
• Remote function provides PC control and data transmission
• Safety circuits provide overheating protection at 420 °C; “HOT” warning will flash if the plate temperature is above 50°C even when the hotplate is turned off
• Maintenance free, brushless DC motor
• Heating Output: 500W
• Accuracy: within 1°C, Resolution: within 1rpm
• Permissible Ambient Temperature: 5-40°C, Permissible Humidity: 80% RH
• A wide variety of reaction blocks and accessories are available
• 2 year warranty

MS-H-PRO T Specifications 
Timer programmable from 1min to 99h59min
Max Capacity: 20L
Speed Range: 100-1500rpm
Temperature Range: Room temp. to 340°C, 1°C increments
Protection Class: IP42
Data Connector: RS232

MS-H340-S4 Specifications
4 stirring positions with Independent heating and stirring control
Max Capacity per Plate: 10L
Speed Range: 200-1500rpm, accuracy within 20rpm
Temperature Range: 25-340°C
Motor Rating Input: 1.8W x 4
Power: 515W x 4
Protection Class: IP21

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