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A4S Automatic Roll Heat Sealer, Sealing Cycle time of less that 15sec, Color Touch Screen with Intuitive use Interface, Compatible with a wide range of plate types, from racked tubes to 1536 well PCR plates, Compatible with gas permeable heat seals, Dimension (W x L x H) 230 x 507 x 276mm, Sealing Temperature 100-200C, Working Temperature Range 10-30C, 240V, 20-600W, 2 Year Warranty.


a4S Automatic Roll Heat Sealer      

   The perfect solution for automated heat sealing of microplates, PCR plates, assay plates and
storage plates used in medium to high-throughput or full automation applications

  • The main advantage of the a4S is that it does not require an air supply, which gives it the flexibility to be used on
    standard lab benches as a stand-alone unit, or integrated within a robotic set-up

  • The sealer’s rapid heating element enables a fast start-up, and the stand-by function saves energy when the unit is not in use

  • The a4S sealer is compatible with a wide range of SBS footprint plates, including all PCR plate formats from 96 well to
    1536 well, assay plates, deep well storage plates and microplates

  • Varying plate heights, from 3mm to 60mm can be accommodated with minimal adjustments of the instrument

  • Plates are presented in portrait format and the plate position on the shuttle allows good access for robotic integration

  • Rolls with a width of between 75-85mm can be loaded in either of two roll positions, depending on roll length and
    available space, enabling the entire instrument to fit under the gantry of most liquid handling robots

  • The width and length of the applied seals are set to precisely cover an SBS footprint plate without interfering with
    plate stacking

  • The seal position can be adjusted to give an overhang at one end of the plate to facilitate ease of seal removal

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