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Electronic Single Channel Pipette, 0.5-20ul.


Ovation Ergonomic Single Channel Pipettors
The contoured shape and adjustable hook are designed to fit your palm and enable ergonomically correct posture, with minimal shoulder lift and minimal rotation in your wrist and hand, for maximum pipetting comfort!

  • The only pipette that stands upright on the bench to prevent tip contamination
  • Easy tip acquisition with audible click when tip is securely seated, just a gentle push to discard
  • Tube Cap Opener built into the base
  • Liquid-blocking, disposable nozzles
  • Simple in-lab calibration
  • Two-stroke (overblow), low-force plunger (M, QS, F models)
  • Includes shelf hanger
  • Four models to choose from:
Ovation M
  • Mechanical, “click-stop” volume-adjustment plunger
  • Fully autoclavable
Ovation QS
  • Quick Set digital volume adjustment
  • Each model has 5 pre-set, common volume settings and custom setting options
  • Replaceable CR2 battery
Ovation F1 and F2
  • Fixed volume
  • Available with either a one-stroke or two-stroke (overblow), low-force plunger
Ovation ESC
  • Fully Electronic operation
  • Power supply included
  • 3 custom programmable volume pre-sets
  • 5 Programmable operating modes - pipetting, reverse pipetting, mixing, multi-dispensing and serial dilutions

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